June 5

Tony Gwynn Dies of Cancer

Sad news is coming from the world of baseball. Tony Gwynn has died at the age of 54 after a struggle with cancer that eats away at his body. Players who become legends hitter in this world have left a very big achievement in the sport of baseball. This player devoted himself to play in the major leagues with a team from the San Diego Padres. Previously he was actively playing with the group in the campus of San Diego State University.
He breathed his last at Pomerado Hospital in Poway area, California. All the family accompanies the player from the start of treatment until the end of a long fight cancer. Before he died Gwynn indeed has made various attempts at healing including surgery last March. When the Gwynn even are still be a baseball coach for the San Diego State University.
Achievements that have been made by Gwynn were very proud. Some of the victory obtained by Paddres in 1984 and 1998 will not be ever achieved without his part by making a very fantastic score. Gwynn figure is a very friendly and warm. All people and lovers of baseball have lost a very wise example. His services to the sport of baseball will always be remembered by all clubs in the world.

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